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Blimey design - Graphic design, marketing and branding agency in cambridge UK

About us

Transforming brands that transcend competition is the core value that drives Blimey. It is what we do. Our clients come to us for many reasons. Their single commonality is their desire to change perception, and the opportunity it presents to enhance business performance by aligning their brand with systems, processes, policies and behavior.

From Financial institutions to restaurant chains, from regional businesses to multinational corporations work with us to create brands that are more innovative, progressive and dynamic than their competitors.

We have the expertise in transforming brands, defined processes we use to achieve our successes and a broad scope of brand services.

About the meaning of the "word":

For all our non UK customers, a brief description of this brilliant, small word:

Blimey was derived from the phrase “cor blimey", a euphemism originated from the middle-aged expression "God, Blind Me!", used when someone saw something they shouldn't have.

Today, blimey is been commonly used in expressions by brits when in shock or surprised; a nice mild expletive, in terms of rudeness on a par with “my goodness".


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